About Us

Our mission is to provide luxurious, therapeutic relaxation that is natural, safe and indulgent. Motivated by high ethical and safety standards, we carefully source the finest ingredients to ensure our products meet the highest of industry quality and efficacy without compromising affordability.

Enjoyed by athletes and celebrities alike, Epsom Salts are an attainable luxury that can be enjoyed by everyone. These ancient salts remain a twenty-first century ingredient for those seeking to enrich and rejuvenate mind and body. Recover Regimen® Epsom Salts are a carefully-crafted blend of pure magnesium sulfate and beneficial, fragrant essential oils. The aromatic combinations expertly formulated at Recover Regimen® soothe strained, over- worked and sore muscles; ease pain and inflammation; help flush toxins from the body and relax the mind.

Definitely not to be taken in pinches, think in liberal scoops of Recover Regimen® Epsom Salts. There is something visceral and ancient about using generous helpings of Epsom salts, as old as time, in order to feel youth flood one’s body once again. The power trapped in the humble crystals is unlocked when dissolved in soothing warm water. Never to be confused with ordinary bath salts or crystals, Recover Regimen® Epsom Salt Formulas are purity packaged for you to alleviate the stresses and strains daily life leaves behind. Our premium, small-batch formulas are carefully-crafted with responsibly sourced minerals and infused with natural essential oils to create a restorative whole-body bath experience.

Recovery is an essential part of any active and healthy lifestyle. The benefits of Epsom salts are no secret and we have created unique and natural formulas to aid muscular and nervous system back to stability. Intense workouts need not be a continuous strain and wellness regimens are supported with each relaxing soak in the tub. Each of our three compositions possess the powerful host of magnesium and essential oil qualities. Our premium formulas permeate the skin and flush out toxins, contributing to your health and wellness regimen. Choose the scent combinations and supply that complements your individual regimen.

  • Made, blended in the USA
  • Contains natural essential oils
  • Does not contain artificial preservatives
  • Does not contain artificial coloring or dyes
  • No animal testing
  • Gluten-free

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