Behind The Brand


When I look back, my zeal for health, beauty, and wellness was innate. As I grew, so did my thirst for knowledge in these vast areas; however, with each new piece of information I acquired, the greater my disappointment became when products did not meet my expectations.


I began using Epsom salt when I was little after ballet tortured my feet and gymnastics yielded sprains and cramps. I cannot quite say that I used it back then for any other reason aside from it being the ‘only remedy’ according to my grandmother, but my appreciation was revived all over again when my traveling demands for work significantly increased. it was the only antidote that offered relief to my body aches, stress, and fatigue.


The only problem was, I was not impressed with the bath salt options on the market. Maybe my tastes had changed, maybe plain Epsom salt wasn’t sufficient anymore; after all, how discerning could my childlike palate be for soaking in the tub when I’d rather be outside playing? Maybe I wanted something more aligned with my expectations. My more astute adult-self pondered the idea, “If I have to multitask, should I not expect the same from my products?”


Either way, I desired something that was not only efficacious but also luxurious. While I was already dreaming of the ideal product and experimenting with essential oil concoctions in the kitchen, my mind digressed further. I wanted the dynamic combination of an indulgent spa experience which offered natural benefits and exuded luxury, sophistication, and distinction—all without compromising the highest of quality, safety, and ethical standards.

Thus, the inception of Recover Regimen® commenced.


My mission remains to build and foster a brand that intertwines a harmonious trifecta of health, beauty, and wellness—offering products that truly provide wellness benefits that are not compensated by misleading propaganda.  Recover Regimen® continuously strives to set the bar higher, igniting our customers with the aspiration to always seek more-than-meets-the-eye and to never compromise his or her refined selectivity.




In health and happiness,




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